Video Studio Rental: How it Works

We watch a lot of video in America. According to Statista, daily video consumption on online devices will be 109 minutes in 2021. This is an increase of +137% compared to 46 minutes in 2013! And we’re not showing any signs of slowing down.

video consumption of americans
Digital video consumption on the rise. Source:

Not only is video content engaging, but it is more widely distributed and accessible than ever before. But where is all that video coming from?

Many amateurs produce content on their phones. But even with today’s improved smartphones, professional quality productions are typically not coming from mobile devices. Instead, those videographers often turn towards video studio rentals to produce their projects. 

And that’s why we’ve put together this guide so you know what to expect with renting space at our Pittsburgh video studio.


How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Film Studio?

Renting a film studio can cost as much as $1,750 for a 10 hour day. This 35’ x 35’ green screen studio comes equipped with wi-fi and a makeup room. It’s also in New York City which is on the expensive end of things.

And then there’s this production company cites $2500 for a semi-basic studio rental for an 8-hour day with equipment and minimal crew support.

As with other studio rentals, a Pittsburgh video studio rental is going to be less expensive compared to many other markets. Good news!


Video Studio Rental Rates in Pittsburgh

At StudioME, we offer two different kinds of video studios (more info below on the Multi-Purpose Studio and the Self-Guided Studio) but both have the same basic pricing.

A full, 10-hour day starts at $549. A 6-hour rental is $349. The cost for a 2-hour video studio rental is only $149.

The costs can go up from there if you’d like to add on things like a professional assistant (more on that below). You can click the links to book a 6-hour rental at either our Multi-Purpose Studio or our Self-Guided Studio, or read on below for more information.


What’s the Difference Between the Multi-Purpose Studio and the Self-Guided Studio?

The Self-Guided Studio requires no prior media production knowledge and takes less than 10 minutes worth of training to operate. That quick-start capability is the biggest difference between our two studios and makes this one a perfect fit for all skill levels. The Self-Guided Studio is perfect for interviews, training videos, social media videos, and teleprompter scripts.

The Multi-Purpose Studio is best suited for expert and semi-professional videographers. If you want to rent this space but are still a novice, we recommend you rent a production technician to help make the most of your time. The Multi-Purpose Studio rental does not come standard with video equipment (although that can be added for a fee), as many of these clients elect to bring their own equipment. It is great for multi-camera shoots and full body photography, and it’s a great rental choice for photographers too.

Check out the table below for a comparison of the two video studio rental options.

video studio rental in pittsburgh comparison - self guided studio and multi purpose studio


What Kinds of Videos Can I Produce?

Video is an ideal medium for storytelling. But what kinds of stories can you tell? Here are 5 types of video.

  • Educational videos: how-to training videos, webinar informational videos, online courses
  • Promotional videos: testimonials, corporate videos, product review videos, advertising
  • Informational videos: public service announcements, interviews
  • Documentary films
  • Entertainment videos: music videos, travel videos, comedy shows, movies

Our Pittsburgh video studio is well suited to accommodate the first 3 types of videos outlined above.


What is Included With the Different Video Studio Rental Options?

The self-guided studio comes ready to go with the following:

  • Professional lighting
  • Audio
  • Teleprompter
  • Camera controlled by a user-friendly application
  • 5’ x 6.5’ dressing room

The 15.5’ x 26.5’ multi-purpose studio comes ready to go with the following:

  • Up to 6 LED panel lights (lighting?) on moveable stands
  • Choice from 4 12’ seamless paper backdrops
  • 5’ x 7’ dressing room
  • Chairs, tables, and grip gear are available upon request
  • *Our semi-professional and expert videographers using this space can either bring their own equipment or pay an additional fee to rent ours

What Extras Are Available With a Video Studio Rental?

Our two Pittsburgh video studio rentals both have add ons available to help customize the perfect film studio.

The self-guided studio has the following extras available:

  • A professional assistant: $99 for 2 hours, $200 for 6 hours, $300 for 10 hours
  • An all access pass to use any rental gear in stock: $99 for 2 hours, $200 for 6 hours, $300 for 10 hours
  • An additional camera on top of the camera that is already included in the base price (including transfer of footage): $45 for 2 hours, $90 for 6 hours, $200 for 10 hours

The 15.5’ x 26.5’ multi-purpose studio has the following extras available:

  • An all access pass to use any rental gear in stock: $99 for 2 hours, $200 for 6 hours, $300 for 10 hours
  • Additional space by adding an additional 228’ second studio and an additional dressing room: $99 for 2 hours, $200 for 6 hours, $299 for 10 hours
  • A 107” – 140” seamless backdrop (green, white, gray, or yellow): $35 – $45 for 2 hours, 6 hours, or 10 hours
  • We can also help you find a crew or specific equipment you may need if you let us know!

For the last of those, we have a bit more information below.


Do I Get An Assistant With the Studio Rental?

Neither studio option has an assistant included in the base price. If you’d like one, we can find one for you.


How Do I Get My Footage?

We will send you your files via Dropbox immediately after your session is complete. If you’d prefer to take your footage with you before you leave our Pittsburgh studio, just bring a USB drive and we’ll transfer the footage for you.

Do You Have Any Video Examples?

Here is just one example of video content produced with StudioME.

Marlin Woods for Mayor 2021

In addition to political videos like this, our clients produce corporate videos, event videos, and testimonial videos.


Can I Get Help With Pre-Production?

Pre-Production is not one of the services we offer at StudioME. However, we know a lot of producers in the Pittsburgh area and we’d be happy to refer you to someone who will best fit your project. All you need to do is ask! Simply note this in your project request or fill out our contact form.


What Else Do I Need to Know About Renting a Video Studio in Pittsburgh?

We do everything we can to make the process as simple as possible. If you’re new to videography, we recommend you check out the Self-Guided Studio first. It has everything you’d need to record video. If you’re more advanced and know exactly what you want, the Multi-Purpose Studio will allow you to customize your video experience to your specific needs. Remember, both studios start at $149 for a 2 hour rental.

We ask everyone to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your reservation. This helps ensure that you get the most out of your time with us.

The rental agreement details other key parts of the process, such as what happens if you have to cancel your video studio rental. You’ll see that we do not allow any explicit material, sound levels over 70 decibels, alcohol, tobacco, or any hazardous materials.