Audition Video


Need a professional Audition Video for your next big gig? Demo your acting skills for TV, movies, theater and more.

What you get:

  • 1/2 hour in our fully equipped Studio E with staff member support to capture your video
  • StudioME will trim and upload your video to Dropbox or Vimeo for download
  • Basic Staff Support (A staff member will help you get started and show you how to operate our self-guided studio)

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Additional Information


  • Scripts may be teleprompted.
  • Send script to at least 24 hours prior to your shoot date.
  • Send the script in the body of an email or a Word document.
  • Script changes while shooting are permitted.

What to wear:

  • If shooting on a green screen with the background to be replaced, please do not wear anything green or very shinyIf you wear glasses, we recommend that you wear contacts or non-reflective lenses if able.
  • The studio includes a dressing room with full-body and makeup mirrors for your use.

On Camera:

  • You have 1/2 hour of studio time.
  • Furniture and props such as tables, stools and chairs come at a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You will have the option to review your video and photo prior to leaving the studio.