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An innovative space for custom media production. Located in East Liberty, Pittsburgh

  • Offerings

    We offer custom media production, three studio spaces, podcast/audio studio, post-production workstations and equipment rental.

  • Benefits

    StudioME offers the tools, support and resources to efficiently create high-quality media, decreasing time and budget.

  • Ease of Use

    Our philosophy is that anyone from novice to professional will be able to take advantage of our studio.

  • Support

    We supply all the tools and support you need, including help from our staff and online resources.

  • Design

    Everything you'll need is within an arm's reach!

  • Efficiency

    Our self-guided model reduces setup time, lowers cost, and allows you to direct the speed of your project.

How it Works

  1. Book


    Book studio, workstations and rental equipment using the BOOK ME tab or contact us for a custom quote.

  2. Capture


    Take your production to the next level with high-quality video, photo and audio.

  3. Edit


    Book a post-production workstation using the BOOK ME tab or get a custom quote for editing.

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