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Pittsburgh, PA - StudioME is media hub for video, photo and audio - made easy! We offer equipment, workstations, and studio packages including the first, self-guided studio designed for users of any experience level. Need custom content? Contact us for a quote or check out SocialME (under BOOK ME tab) - specially designed packages by the StudioME staff members.

Packages / Pricing
  • Benefits

    StudioME offers the tools, support and resources to create high quality media and our self-guided model can save you up to 80-90% of your production budget.

  • Offerings

    We offer four separate studios, each with a specialized function for video, photo and audio. Plus on-site post-production workstations and equipment rental.

  • Ease of Use

    Our philosophy is that anyone from novice to professional will be able to take advantage of our studio.

  • Support

    We supply all the tools and support you need, including help from our staff and online resources.

  • Design

    StudioME increases productivity in an environment that inspires creativity. Everything you'll need within an arm's reach!

  • Efficiency

    Our self-guided model reduces setup time, lowers cost, and allows you to direct the speed of your project.

How it Works

  1. Book


    Book studio time, post-production workstations and rental equipment on our website by registering as a FREE MEmber and using the BOOK ME application.

  2. Capture


    Capture high quality video, photo or audio content in one of our 4 studio spaces, or rent equipment for location shooting.

  3. Edit


    After capturing your content, book one of our post-production workstations using the BOOK ME tab or give it to us and we'll custom quote for editing.

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